Cristina Kirchner assured that the opposition presented budget projects that included the Santa Cruz works questioned

Argentina’s Vice-President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner listens to the national anthem during a special public session of the Senate at the Argentine Congress in Buenos Aires on August 10, 2022. (Photo by JUAN MABROMATA / AFP) – Credits: @JUAN MABROMATA

the vice president Cristina Kirchner criticized again this afternoon the federal prosecutors of the road trial who investigates the redirect of public works contracts in Santa Cruz to the companies of Lazarus Baez. In a tweet, with a video of the hearing, she noted that Ary Llernovay – Carlos Beraldi’s partner in the defense – showed that “the opposition presented alternative budget projects” and that they were signed by “the same ones who made the complaints.” The lawyer appointed Miguel Angel Picketto, Paul Tonelli, Gerardo Morales, Christian Ritondo Y Juan Carlos Moran.

“In this video, my defense proves how the opposition presented alternative budget projects that included the Santa Cruz road works, the object of the accusation of [Diego] Luciani and [Sergio] cool. These projects were signed by the same people who made the complaints… Life gives you surprises”, wrote the vice president on Twitter.

The lawyer says in the video of the hearing: “We were surprised and you will be surprised too. I present the alternative budget project for the year 2011 Alfonso Prat Gaybut the biggest surprise is in the 2010 bill, because it was presented by a group of opposition legislators, but there is a name that stands out, that of Juan Carlos Moranwho is one of those who filed the 2008 complaint, and who says that there is an illicit association, and he came as a witness for the accusing parties and tried to defend this accusation.”

“It turns out that he presents an alternative budget project and does exactly the same as the ruling party, they are the same works that according to Mr. Morán should be financed,” he said.

And he explained that there were opposition leaders who voted in favor of those budgets: “If one goes to the budget projects presented by the ruling party and voted by the National Congress, here they want us to believe that there were intimidations and it was not only voted for Kirchnerism. If one takes the trouble to look at the budget laws one by one, one can see who were the legislators who voted in favor: Graciela Camano, Federico Pinedo, Francisco Narvaez, Luis Barrionuevo, Gerardo Morales, Paul Tonelli, Christian Ritondo. And of course someone who was not part of the opposition: Miguel Angel Picketto”.

Another video against Luciani and Mola

This morning he tweeted another video in which he pointed out that his lawyer Carlos Beraldi demonstrated the “lies” allegedly used by prosecutors Diego Luciani Y Serge Mola when referring to the “pressure” and “intimidation” to vote on the budget.

“Look at this excerpt from Dr. Beraldi’s statement, where he demonstrates the lies of Luciani and Mola about the fantasy of pressure and intimidation to vote on the budget,” he wrote.

In the fragment of just over three minutes, Beraldi says: “Was there coercion or intimidation? that is to say, did the president call and say ‘you vote because if you don’t know what will happen to you’? Those fantasies were the ones they built outside the judicial sphere, but when they come to the judicial sphere, then, you have to ask them -the witnesses-”.

“And since you have to ask and prove innocence, we cannot ask the people who were affiliated with the government party, so we are going to ask the others. And we are going to ask people who are the ones who have promoted the majority of the complaints against Cristina Kirchner ”, she pointed out.

Immediately, Dr. Beraldi showed a statement by the national deputy for the province of Buenos Aires and president of GEN, Margaret Stolbizer: “Do you know if any legislator was pressured to vote on the budget laws?”

He received pressure from the executive power to approve the budget laws?”, they ask the former deputy. “Never”, they reply. And they insist: “Are you aware that other legislators have received pressure to approve the budget laws?” And Stolbizer sentenced: “No not at all”.

After showing that fragment of the legislator’s statement, Beraldi continues: “Let’s listen to Fernando Sanchez, also a deputy for several years, like Stolbizer, who was a deputy between 2005-2007 and 2009-2017 during the entire period under investigation; Fernando Sánchez was a deputy from 2007 to 2009 and from 2013 to 2017.

“Tell me, these legislators who voted affirmatively,you had any reference or knowledge that they had been forced, coerced or intimidated to vote that way?”, they ask Sánchez. “Not that I know of“, answers .

“Well, we heard from yet another legislator, Ariel Osvaldo Passini, deputy from 2007 to 2011″, says Beraldi. “You considered that if any treatment of the law or budget fund was not correct,felt some kind of pressure to vote freely or was not free to object?”, they inquire about Passini, to which he defines: “no kind of pressure. All the freedom in the world to vote with freedom of conscience, I take responsibility in political terms for all the times I have voted in the Chamber of Deputies”.

The lawyer closes in the video that Cristina shared: “Well, the evidentiary panorama is closing on all sides and shows the fantasy of the accusation.”

The defense of the Vice President had harshly questioned on Monday, during the first day of the allegation, the Prosecutor’s Office of the case known as Vialidad. Before judges Jorge Gorini, Andrés Basso and Rodrigo Giménez Uriburu, the defense argued that prosecutors Luciani and Mola committed “malpractice” with “scandalous” facts and construction of a “fantasy.”

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