Criston Cole justifies his stupid and brutal outburst at the end of 1×05

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The end of the fifth episode of The House of the Dragon He left one of the most brutal moments of the series so far. The start of the celebrations and feasts leading up to the wedding between Princess Rhaenyra and Laenor Velaryon kicked off with a tense welcoming banquet during which, plus queen Alicent send a message of war to Rhaenyra, chaos ensued. It all ended with a confusing and violent altercation involving Ser Criston Cole, member of the Royal Guard and secret lover of the princess.


during the ceremonySer Criston maintains a brief but very intense conversation with Joffrey Lonmouth, Laenor’s also secret lover. The young man makes the member of the Royal Guard see that he knows of his affair with the princess, and that this It won’t be a problem as long as he and Laenor can still be together in secret too.

Cole doesn’t seem to like this at all, how little then brutally attacks the young manalso known as the Kissing Knight, and he beats him to death by literally smashing his face with his fists. This criminal outburst has been harshly criticized on social networks, for its excessive justification and for how terribly stupid it seems to perpetrate such a crime in the eyes of the whole kingdom.

Faced with this avalanche of reproaches, which have turned Cole into meme meat, the actor who brings the character to life, Fabien Frankel wanted to explain why Ser Criston made that fateful decision.

In an interview for Entertainment Weekly, Frankel confirmed that at the wedding Be Criston was already at the limit to see how his beloved married another. “I don’t think he’s looking for any kind of conflict at that wedding. In any case, he wants to be as far away as possible,” says the interpreter. It should be remembered that before the marriage was consummated, Ser Criston asked Rhaenyra to abandon their duties and escape together, offer which she refused.

Faced with a state of mind like that, Joffrey Lonmouth had only to admit that he suspected his secret with the princess so that Criston exploded. “She chose to keep him there. She made him endure that wedding. That’s where his animosity is built, “explains Frankel. Despite being very hurt and feeling betrayed by Rhaenyra, the knight wanted to prevent their romance from coming to light, killing whoever was needed. That is to say, he prefers to be an assassin than to be dishonored by betraying his vows and sullying the virtue of the princess.

This death is reported in the series in a very different way from the book Fire and Blood by George RRR Martin on which House of the Dragon is based. In the novels, Lonmouth and Cole confront each other as part of Rhaenyra and Laenor’s wedding celebrations., but in a tournament. Ser Criston, a skilled jousting warrior, as he has also shown in the series, he hits Joffrey in the head, knocking him unconscious. The young man dies six days later from the trauma. Half a dozen moons after being struck Laenor did not leave his side.

Although the series has modified the terrible incident, the result has ended up being the same. After the ceremony, Criston considers committing suicide out of shame, but Alicent finds him and manages to stop him. It is then that an alliance is forged will enjoy great importance in the future of the series when The Dance of the Dragons breaks out. A union that is born fruit of the hatred that both have for the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne and that will be fundamental in the next episodes of The House of the Dragon.

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