Criticism of “Americo”, a documentary about a passionate racing pigeon carrier

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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Pigeon racing consists of training pigeons to turn them into homing pigeons. This practice, unusual for the eyes of most of the spectators, hides a picturesque and fanatical world. Through the eyes of Américo and his friend Óscar, and commanded through the direction of Federico Sosa, we will discover the universe of carrier pigeon racing as we never imagined before.

The director chose to narrate this non-fiction work with his heart in his hand. The intimacy of the protagonist comes to light thanks to the most everyday and sensitive moments: a WhatsApp voice message to his partner, a conversation with a client, a soccer game. However, the motivating factor of the film, the one that captures all the attention, lies in Américo’s testimonies and actions that show his passion for pigeon racing.

Although it seems like an extravagance, americo (2022) does not detach an inch from reality. The story rubs shoulders with statements about politics, football, family and friendship. This, deepened from an eloquent script written by the director himself, denotes a compendium of passions that surround an even greater one.

The music composed by Santiago Pedroncini leads us with grace and curiosity, while the photography and aerial images by Aylen López give us a glide as harmonious as it is effective.

Priorities are present and, like several pigeons returning to their loft, Américo knows that no matter what happens (addictions, sentimental problems, work difficulties), he always returns to that first love, to that passion, to that ground wire. that makes you fly, to this trip portrayed in americo.

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