Criticism of “Corte”, a drama about the relationships of Guadalupe Yepes

Friday, September 23, 2022

Vanesa (Gilda Scarpetta) and Joaco (Alejandro Catalán) are a couple going through a breakup due to infidelity. However, they still have projects that keep them connected. On the one hand, the writing of a film and on the other, that of a short film. The latter will be the one who raises what has happened with the couple. From there, the relationship between the two is presented again with whom they end up closer than expected, by showing the creative process of writing. All this will make them rethink the bond.

It is interesting that the story focuses on a couple meeting, in this case a situation after a separation, reframed in various ways. The fiction of the short film allows mixing the content of the short film and the creative process in constant communication.

Although this procedure is attractive, it has some aspects that do not enhance the rhythm of the conversations and the turns of each new situation, especially in relation to the intensity of each new meeting.

The dialogue is the central element that leads to the history of the past of each of the protagonists, and the reasons for the separation. However, there is a tendency to make very clear the situation of what has happened and the sentimental conflicts that could exaggerate the drama of the characters.

Aesthetic decisions regarding visual style contribute to the intensity of the drama. Above all, being focused on each new meeting of the couple. However, the use of the fixed plane and the zoom imply a treatment closely related to the theatrical.

Finally, Cut (2022) is a story centered on two characters with their sentimental bond, which achieves high points in various situations, and thus becomes a story about the interaction of a couple.

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