Criticism of “DC League of Superpets” the universe of superheroes expands

Friday, September 23, 2022

The world of superheroes continues with its constant replication of characters and universes. It is no longer enough to continue the saga forward with sequels or backwards with prequels that develop the origin. Now the stories multiply up, down, sides, etc; and that is why it was called in a very wise way, multiverse.

In this dynamic, the animated version no longer appears of the well-known superheroes of the DC universe, but of their pets. DC League of Super Pets (DC League of Super-Pets, 2022) focuses on Krypto (voice of Dwayne Johnson), Superman’s dog, and the gang of animals that he must recruit to face his master’s historical villain Lex Luthor.

The story co-written by John Whittington and director Jared Stern is the same as always: the villain takes superpowers from Superman and his dog, and the latter must rely on an unprepared team to face evil and save the world again. Thus, the protagonist turns Ace (voice of Kevin Hart), PB (voice of Vanessa Bayer), Chip (voice of Diego Luna) and Merton (voice of Natasha Lyonne), marginal animals waiting to be adopted in a pet store, into the Superpets of the most relevant superheroes.

There is no lack of humor, adventure for the whole family and, above all, the message about friendship, the nerve center of the plot. Because Krypto is not only Superman’s pet, he is his best friend and his adventure partner (hence his jealousy when Superman is related to Lane). Helping his friend is also valuing friendship as a feeling and a necessary bond.

with this bonus DC League of Super Pets It is an intelligent product that, although it does not bring anything new in terms of narrative, allows it to further expand the universe created by DC and bring new characters to its stories.

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