Criticism of “Mirror mirror”, politically incorrect comedy with Verónica Forqué and Malena Alterio

Friday, September 23, 2022

The story of mirror mirror It takes place on the anniversary for the 50 years of Manie Cosmetics. Álex, director of marketing and communication, knows that some changes are going to take place and wants to show that, despite his age, he has innovative ideas. He needs the security that his own reflection transmits to him, Álex feels threatened by the rookie Paula, his assistant who, at only twenty-five years old, is gaining the admiration of the company president.

For her part, Paula is aware of the professional possibilities that are opening up to her and her reflection, much more ambitious than her, pushes her to overcome the barriers that stand in her way. Her sister, a sales manager, is in the throes of a sexual identity crisis. Her reflection demands that he come out of the closet. Alberto, an administrator who likes to sing, is in love with Paula and wants to propose, but her reflection prevents him from doing what he wants.

The four characters live crossing Antonia, the receptionist who, when she is alone in front of a mirror, is reflected with a psychopath who wants to kill everyone. The conflict erupts when the reflections decide to abandon them and leave them to their own mercy.

Marc Crehuet bets on a choral film, full of entanglements, where plausibility is distorted but not reality, turning towards the absurd (at times the ridiculous), based on the development of topics linked to the current agenda. This is how issues such as gender identity, workplace harassment or the canons that govern beauty appear, challenging the viewer to reflect and draw their own conclusions, but without moving away from acidity and black, corrosive humor, the one that is on the verge of everything that is established as politically correct.

Intelligent and kitsch, pop and risky, with some nods to Pedro Almodóvar’s cinema, mirror mirror it puts the characters, and also the spectators, in front of a reflection that speaks about what one really is, but that, many times, one prefers not to see.

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