Criticism of “Road to success”, a road movie with Sergio Prina and Benjamín Otero

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

road to success (2022) is a Road Movie classical in its form and constituent elements. The film written and directed by Sebastián Rodriguez follows the topics of this genre to the letter: A journey of self-knowledge for two disparate characters who meet on the journey from the series of vicissitudes that they have to go through.

The driver of this journey is Hugo (Sergio Prina), a man of the people frustrated by not being able to realize his dream of going to Buenos Aires. When the talent scout (Mariano Argento) who arrives at his workshop convinces him that Enzo (Benjamín Otero) is a potential soccer player, he sees the possibility of fulfilling his dream of traveling to downtown Buenos Aires. Thus they embark together on the route, although problems do not take long to appear.

Well shot and better acted, Rodriguez’s film has its weak point in the script, not because it is conventional and even predictable (which is not a problem in itself) but because it takes some situations to the point of being impossible. The credibility of the story is called into question no matter how well-intentioned fable he raises.

The female characters that appear in the ‘road to success’ of the title, are conceived in terms of dramatic structure, as necessary helpers for the protagonists to achieve their goal. Thanks to them, Hugo and his nephew can continue the journey to make their dreams come true. Women built with thick strokes who go out of their way to the impossible for a protagonist of dubious morals and little charisma. A forced situation from costumbrismo that tenses the verisimilitude of the story.

Outside of this detail, road to success rounds off a film that complies with the format it presents and delivers a pleasant moment to the viewer, leaning on a message of dreams and desires to conquer.

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