Crocs and 7-Eleven Team Up for New Shoe Collection – NBC 7 Dallas (39)

The manufacturer of the popular Crocs has teamed up with Dallas, Texas-based 7-Eleven to bring us the latest collection of their shoes.

The exclusive collection features three limited-edition styles, including the latest release from Crocs, The Mega Crush Clog. This pair showcases vibrant 7-Eleven colors, a raised heel, and unique charms.

The news has caused controversy on social media after Crocs tweeted: “Surprise. Is here! Bold 7-Eleven colors from the refreshment aisle wrap up your favorite new Crocs: The Mega Crush Clog. Available now for a limited time.”

Customers must enter a drawing for a chance to purchase a limited-edition pair of 7-Eleven X Crocs Mega Crush clogs through September 22. Fans will be notified if they have been selected, and quantities are limited to one pair per customer.

Crocs/7-Eleven Collab will release three more classics in November.

  • Classic sandal from 7-Eleven X Crocs, packed with flavor.
  • 7-Eleven X Crocs Stripe Sneakers.
  • 7-Eleven X Crocs More Mega, Japanese flavor.


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