Cuban actor Lieter Ledesma celebrates his birthday: “The 41 arrived”

The Cuban actor and television presenter, Lieter Ledesmacelebrated his birthday this Saturday, in a nice restaurant in the United States.

“Celebrating birthdays, 41 arrivedLedesma said on his Instagram profile, where he shared a photo smiling with his partner during the night of the celebration.

The actor’s followers left him dozens of congratulatory messages on his birthday and also celebrated his beautiful family.

Ledesma born on September 18, 1981. He is a graduate of the Cuban Higher Institute of Art (ISA) and is married to Laura Castanedawith whom he has a daughter named Paola.

He is very proud to have these beautiful women in his life and shows it on his social networks frequently, sharing memories of the adventures they have together.

Laura also left a message of affection for her husband on social networks. “This year if we sing congratulations to you very close and we give you our love. congratulations king of my life” he told her, and accompanied his words with the hashtags #birthdayboy #familyfirst #togetherforever.

In July, the actor celebrated on social networks the first eight months of the arrival of his family in the United States.

This was the surprise that Ledesma had announced in his 40th birthday when he threw a riddle at his followers by saying that “the gift was on the way”.

I had previously done a trip to Cuba for an unforgettable vacation with their loved ones, which favored family reunification in the United States.

In February 2022 Ledesma and his wife fulfilled 8 years of marriage. The artist assured that he feels like a happy man and that he could not choose a better company for the journey of life. She has been by his side “through thick and thin.”

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