Cuban artist Nelson Domínguez turns 75 surrounded by paintings

At the beginning of this month, he inaugurated the exhibition Alejandro’s dreams, in which he reflected iconic moments in the life of the late leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, which in turn show different stages of work of the painter, illustrator, sculptor, engraver and potter.

In statements to Prensa Latina, he affirmed that paintings included in the exhibition, such as En la Sierra Maestra, Girón and Marcha, convey the spirit of resistance and the unyielding posture of the Commander in Chief, as he was also known, in the face of attacks by the US government. and his desire for freedom.

“These are Fidel’s dreams, but also mine to materialize this exhibition. None of these works is carried out in the same year. There is even one that I have not finished and I plan to bring it to the closing of the exhibition”, explained the creator in the Cinco Palmas room of the Fidel Castro Ruz Center in the capital.

The diversity of supports translates the inspiration and creative freedom of its author, hence the figure of the leader of the largest of the Antilles in installations of wood and glass and twenty pieces of small, medium and large format, made with mixed techniques on canvas and silkscreen.

Awarded with the Order for National Culture and consulting professor at the University of the Arts, Domínguez anticipates that the exhibition can be seen in Latin American countries.

“It would be very interesting to tour that region, also an indisputable part of Fidel’s dreams,” he said.

As part of his prolific work, the artist born in Santiago de Cuba on September 23, 1947, also inaugurated, in early September, the exhibition Engravings of Nelson: craft and style, in the central Cuban province of Villa Clara.

The artist has a solid training, crowned at the Higher Institute of Art. His work stands out for his versatility and creativity, achieving his own stamp, demonstrated since the 70s of the last century.

His paintings, drawings and works in other media recreate the national cultural identity, through very Cuban themes, with an exquisite poetry that takes from expressionism and fantasy.



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