Cuban exiles come out to support Trump in Miami after search of his mansion by the FBI

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Cuban exiles protested in Miami in support of the former president donald trump following the raid of his mansion in Mar-a-Lago by the FBI.

The demonstration of Cubans in support of Trump took place in front of Versailles Restauranton Calle Ocho in Miami and was called by the anti-Castro organization Vigilia Mambisa.

Call published on Tuesday on Facebook Miguel Saavedra

Trump, Trump, Trump, Long live Trump!” shouted the protesters gathered in support of the former president. “Trump’s friends are here to support him,” said Miguel Saavedra, one of the leaders of Vigilia Mambisa.

Among the cries of the Cubans, the voice of a person who assures that the current US government fears the power of the former president is heard. “Old Joe Biden is terrified of Trump!” says a presumed Republican.

Since Mambisa Vigil They commented that Trump guarantees the United States economic security and a better future. They defend the view that the current government is undertaking a crusade against the former president.

“The political hunt they are doing to President Trump is too much. It’s too much! Leave him alone already! That had never been done to any president here“said a Cuban interviewee.

In the images few people are seen participating in the demonstration, but the representative of Vigilia Mambisa assures that there were many more, and that at the time of the recording they had had to leave.

This Monday FBI agents raided the Trump’s mansion in Palm BeachFlorida and according to the former president, they opened a safe for him.

“My beautiful home, Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, is currently under siege, raided and occupied by a large group of FBI agents,” he said in a statement released by Save America.

Official sources indicated that the search of the private club and residence in Mar-a-Lago focused on the search for classified documents that the former president took after leaving the White House.

Trump was not in Florida when the search took place. The United States Department of Justice has two active investigations that are related to the former president. One is linked to attempts to annul the presidential elections in 2020 and in January 2021.

The other investigation is related to the handling of classified documents. The National Archives, tasked with collecting and classifying presidential material, recovered at least 15 boxes of White House records from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago compound. Among those recovered documents there are some that were classified.

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