Cuban from Hialeah accused of beating and sexual abuse of his ex-partner

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A Cuban resident in Hialeah was arrested and accused of kidnapping, beating and sexually abusing his ex-partner.

Yonnier Luaces Rossell, 39, a native of Camagüey, was brought to justice on Tuesday after having removed his ex-girlfriend by the hair of her job.

The incident occurred the day before at a laundry in Miami Gardens, a city located in Miami-Dade County.

A video recorded by a security camera released by Telemundo 51shows the moment in which Luaces enters through the door of the local office, pushes another employee and a few seconds later he leaves, taking his ex-wife with him violently by the neck.

Once outside the business, it is observed that he drags her on the ground, makes her get up and violently puts her in the car.

According to the police, once inside the vehicle, the defendant began to hit her in the face and head while threatening to kill her with a pistol. He even turned the gun against the victim’s next door.

The attacker’s ex-girlfriend later claimed that he took her home, forced her to take off her clothes and sexually assaulted her. Shortly after, he fell asleep and it was then that she managed to escape and notify the police.

The arrest report revealed that police had ordered the assailant the previous Sunday not to return to the All-bright coin laundry.

After the brutal attack, business workers stated that the victim was left with injuries and a swollen face from the blows.

“She told us that he had sexually abused her,” one of them told the television channel.

The Cuban was presented before the criminal court and faces several crimes such as kidnapping, robbery, attempted murder, sexual assault with a weapon, among others.

The judge ordered that he be held without bail.

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