Cuban from Hialeah arrested for stabbing a person in the middle of a public road

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A 42-year-old Cuban resident of Hialeah was arrested for stabbing a person and leaving him lying in the middle of a public road with his intestines out, according to the local media reports.

According to the police report, the events occurred on June 15 on Avenida 16 del Oeste and 39, when the suspect, who was identified as Carlos Alonso-Valdés, threatened and stabbed the victim after demanding that he hand over everything. your money. As confirmed America Teavee, Alonso-Valdés, “cursed, pulled out a knife and attacked her.”

After leaving the person lying, who has asked not to be identified before the media for fear of reprisals, the Cuban escaped from the scene, leaving her in a serious condition with severe injuries for which she had to undergo a complicated surgical intervention.

“The victim in this crime was miraculously saved thanks to the Hialeah police who discovered her on the ground with her intestines out after a violent knife attack,” América Tevé reported.

Cuban from Hialeah, danger

Since then, the person attacked has been unable to work due to the physical consequences of the attack, added to the psychological effect during all these months in which the police were on the trail of the thief.

So far, the authorities have not referred to the possible sentence that the Cuban faces, who has been denied the right to bail.

In recent months, similar events have occurred on the streets of Miami. A family of Cubans recently arrived in Florida was recently the victim of a robbery and vandalism to their vehicle.

“A thief in a matter of seconds arrived in front of his Mitsubishi SUV, got out of his black car and was caught on camera when he quickly placed himself next to the victim’s car until he managed to remove the catalytic converter to escape from a parking lot. ”, América Tevé published about it.

Police in the south of the state warn citizens to be careful with people who suspiciously approach cars at traffic lights or parking lots.

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