Cuban Migrants Between Dead and Injured in Traffic Accident in Mexico; there are children among the victims

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A fatal traffic accident that occurred this Friday night in the Mexican state of Puebla left the preliminary balance of six Cuban migrants and other nationalities dead and 10 wounded. Four of the fatalities were minors.

Although initially The Sun of Puebla indicated that the victims were from Cuba, Venezuela and Ecuador, a more recent report from central newspaper He specifies that the victims were only from Cuba and Honduras. So far there is no official precision about the nationality and identity of the victims of the tragedy, although in all cases the media mention that there are Cubans.

The truck in which the migrants were traveling, a Chevrolet Suburban type with license plate DNY757D from the state of Chiapas, It overturned on the federal highway for unknown reasons.

After the accident, members of the Municipal Police, paramedics from the Advanced Medical Emergency System of the municipality of Chapulco and rescuers from the Red Cross arrived at the scene, who provided assistance to the injured, who were immediately hospitalized.

Due to the magnitude of the incident, emergency elements requested support from other entities for the transfer of the victims, and requested the arrival of the ministerial authorities to remove the bodies.

In the case of fatalities, the bodies will be subjected to the necropsy required by law.

Until the closing of this note, other details about the unfortunate accident are unknown.

It is not the first time in recent months that Cuban migrants have been victims of fatal traffic accidents while advancing by land to the southern border of the United States.

In March, three Cubans – including a mother and her 12-year-old daughter – died in a car accident on a highway in the southern state of Veracruz, also in Mexico, when a 2019 Toyota van overturned on the side of the road, Presumably due to speeding.

The avalanche of Cuban immigrants through the so-called “Central American route” has increased criminal actions linked to human trafficking, which sometimes leads to kidnapping and extortion perpetrated by criminal gangs in the region.

Mexican authorities and those of other countries in the area have intensified control over human trafficking operations and arrests of irregular immigrants in the country.

The arrival of Cubans through the southern land border of the United States has remained at very high figures in recent months. In mid-July it transpired that 157,339 Cubans arrived in the US during the first nine months of fiscal year 2022. This is the largest irregular avalanche of immigrants from the island in history.

The statistics, published by the Department of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), widely confirm the predictions of the authorities, who predicted the illegal entry of more than 150,000 Cuban immigrants at the end of the current fiscal period, which will end on the 30th of September.

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