Cuban Volleyball Federation assures that it will not “import” foreign coaches

The Cuban Volleyball Federation (FCV) He assured that he will not “import” foreign coaches, after it became known that foreign coaches were interested in leading the island’s men’s team.

On the contrary, the sports entity has decided to bet on the development of national coaches, through training actions, “taking into account the long tradition and the historical results at the highest level”, according to a report of the specialized site Hit.

“We will do it for the development of our own. We are not going to import coaches who would come to discover what we have already discovered and with which we have worked, which is the talent that volleyball has in Cuba,” said Ariel Sainz, head of the Cuban federation of this sport.

The also vice president of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (Inder), explained to Hit that “from the modifications in the regulations, the changes in the dynamics of the contemporary volleyball game, the FCV has proposed a strategic plan with training courses of national scope from its provinces until the approval of the file of the specialty that allow for a postgraduate course.

Meanwhile, in the international arena, it would be “going through the certification that starts from the first level to the third, in an orderly process, since the FIVB has established that to lead in international events, coaches must have their categorization”, adds the report.

In Sainz’s opinion “it might seem that it would not be necessary to start from the basic courses, but it is necessary to start from the first level to gradually climb to the highest level”. In this sense, he confirmed that the international courses will begin both with the coaches who are the reserves of the national teams and with those who currently hold those positions, such as Nicolás Vives, Jesús Cruz and Leivy García.

The person in charge of these courses, which are part of the current strategy of the FCV, will be the Brazilian Antonio Rizola, coach of the Colombian women’s team, whom the Cuban federation described as “one of the best technicians in the region” and who He said that “it will contribute to raising the experience of our technicians”.

Sainz specified that a budget of 30,000 dollars was approved for this “extensive training project”, generated by volleyball itself, and asserted that “Cuba has the necessary tools to develop its talents and face the challenge of inserting players in foreign leagues“, points out Hit.

Days had transcended that foreign coaches from countries such as Argentina, Australia and Russia had offered to lead the men’s team, including the Argentine Jorge “el negro” Elgueta. It had even been mentioned that someone was willing to do it “for free”, something that the Cuban sports authorities have not officially confirmed.

Meanwhile, the publication itself report in another note that from October 3 to 8, the Men’s Under-21 Volleyball Pan American Cup will be held in the Ciudad Deportiva de La Habana, the winner of which will obtain a single ticket to the World Championship of the category in 2023.

In that tournament, the Cuban team will be in group B along with Canada, Nicaragua and Haiti, while group A will be animated by teams from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, the United States and Chile.

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