Cuban woman arrested at Panama airport with false documentation

A Cuban who was in transit in the Tocumen International Airportin Panama City, was arrested after the authorities of the National Migration Service (SNM) of that country detected that she was carrying “fraudulent documentation”.

(Source: Twitter Capture/Panama Migration)

Panama Migration indicated on Twitter that the documents had “security inconsistencies”without making further details.

The published note specifies that, after being interrogated, the Cuban citizen “He admitted that he paid in Mexico to obtain these documents.”

The official information does not add other details about the case or the current immigration status of the Cuban citizen.

Although Panama Migration did not disclose the name of the Cuban held at the main airport in that country for fraudulent documentation, a short video published by the entity allows the name Claudia Justiz Ramos to be identified on a Copa Airlines ticket.

Local media they specify that The incident occurred last Wednesday, September 21.

The Government of Panama established the mandatory nature of a transit visa for all Cubans who arrive in that country in connection to another destination in a Decree that came into force as of its promulgation on September 12.

“The Visa for Passengers or Crew in Transit is established, as a requirement for citizens of Cuban nationality who travel in transit through the Republic of Panama, for a period of three (3) months”, indicated the Panamanian authorities in Executive Decree 86 .

In its periodic review of the country’s immigration regulations, the Panamanian Ministry of Public Security once again established the transit visa for Cubans, after previous decrees eliminated or made these restrictions more flexible.

Panama’s new permit for Cubans entering the country is only valid for a single entry with a stopover of less than 24 hours. The Decree modifies previous ones in which the authorities of the Central American nation regulated the situation of Cuban migrants to their passage through its territory.

After establishing at the beginning of March the mandatory requirement of a transit visa for all Cubans arriving in that country in connection to another destination or returning to the island, days later the Government of Panama exempted Cubans who returned to the island, as well as residents abroad or with multiple visas.

The transit visa requirement not only affects those who intend to reach Nicaragua, which has become the main destination for those seeking to escape Cuba, but also prevented those residing in other Latin American destinations from returning to their countries. they use Panama as a mandatory stopover. Subsequent amendments to the law sought to compensate for the damage suffered by those Cubans with permanent residence in third countries.

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