Cuban Yasser Quesada won chess tournament in the Dominican

As expected, the Cuban disposed of his opponent without major setbacks and thus concluded his excellent performance in the event which was attended by five grandmasters and a significant number of chess players from the court.

Quesada obtained eight points out of a possible nine, which says a lot about his form and how he approached a tournament in which he was one of the favorites and ended up raising his ELO to 2,598.

Behind the player from the island were the grandmasters, Alejandro Ramírez from the United States with 6.5 points; Fernando Peralta from Argentina with six; Manuel León from Mexico and José Fernando Cuenca from Spain with 5.5, and Dominican Josué Araujo closed the advance with five.

Once the day concluded, Prensa Latina spoke with the famous chess player who, with his characteristic simplicity and joviality, was very happy with the result achieved.

It was a somewhat complicated tournament, he said, “with some tense games, especially the one I had with Cuenca, which was decided in time trouble and if I lost they could tie me for first place, but it was an excellent tournament and I already told you to the president of the Dominican Federation that next year would be the first to come”.

Likewise, Quesada stated that with this result he added two points to the ranking, reaching 2,598, his personal record, and is about to enter the prestigious club of 2,600.

“I had a fabulous year, I prepared myself a lot, but I didn’t expect so many things, now it’s time to rest a little, because I’ve played many tournaments in a row, and maybe I’ll play at the end of the year in Mexico,” he said.

I appreciate the messages received during the tournament from the Dominican and Cuban fans sending me good vibes, he concluded.

In this way, the classic that was held in the Auditorium of the Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University came to an end, which, according to the participants, exhibited excellent organization and provided the players with all the necessary attention with logistics to match. of the big tournaments.



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