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Anyone who has tried to cut their own hair knows how complicated it is. CutCam makes your life easy.

Today it is fashionable among the youngest to cut their hair in layers, leaving it almost zero on the inside. Scissor cutting has been replaced, at least partially, by shaving with hair clippers.

Many people go to the barber to cut their hair, but with the pandemic before, and inflation now, more and more people choose buy a hair clipper and make do at home.

The problem with cutting your hair is that it is very difficult to do it alone. You can use a manual mirror to cut your sides, and two mirrors (the manual and the wall mirror) to try to cut the hair on the back of your neck. It is not a good decision.

With the manual mirror you make the back of your neck reflect to see it in the wall mirror, but normally this is achieved by means of viewing angles that are not ideal to cut the back. You will most likely end up with some “stairs” or layers that are not straight.

The solution to this problem is called CutCam, a professional hair clipper that has a built-in WiFi camera. You can see it in the opening video of the news.

This 1080p camera allows record in real time what a supposed hairdresser using the hair clipper would see, and displays it on the mobile screen, or even on a television. So we don’t even need a mirror.

Tomight hair clipper

Guide and advice to buy a hair clipper or hair cutting machine at home

Another advantage of this system is that an associated app applies an augmented reality layer. We can choose the type of hairstyle and it will mark us on the hair itself to where we have to cut.

And if we do not want to use the camera because we have the help of another person, as a standard hair clipper it has premium ceramic blades, and several guides for different types of cuts.

Cut Cam it has been a great success on IndiGogo, where he has obtained all the financing he needed. It can still be purchased at a price of 136 euros. They will start shipping in September.

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