CX: “Experience is a combination of processes, technology and people”

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We talked with Carlos Espinosa, Partner and CEO of Clientship, platinum sponsor of CX DAY MXICO 2022

In a world that has changed rapidly the Customer Experience has been transformed just as quickly. For this reason, the challenge will be to understand how to redesign experiences of clients and collaborators and the indicated scope for this is the CX DAY Mexico 2022which will take place on August 24 and 25in virtual format.

Carlos Espinosa, Partner and CEO of Clientship

In advance, we interviewed Carlos EspinosaPartner and CEO of Clientship, platinum sponsor of the event.

What role does Customer Experience play in your organization’s business strategy? “The customer experience is the last source of competitive advantage for companies today. With increasingly less differentiated products and strong competition in costs, services also tend to be commoditized, to the point that it seems that all companies offer the same thing.” and they deliver an equally gray service. Only those that are committed to a differentiation strategy throughout the process of building experiences stand out from the rest and build unique and lasting competitive positions”, he replied.

After sharing his vision on Customer Experience as a business strategy, we asked him why it is important to focus on people when designing experiences: “Experience is a combination of processes, technology and people. Clientship studies show because in the final experience the hard part of processes and technology weighs approximately 50%, and the people, the peopleware”, another 50%. Working on this dimension is therefore key not only for the end customer, but also to generate engagement with the internal customer, the workers, whose talent is essential for the growth and survival of the company”.

At a time like the present, what is your expert opinion on how to convince companies to bet on CX: “Increasingly we build numerical business cases that estimate the direct return on investment of a customer experience initiative. CEO and management committees are not believers in CX, rather they consider it as an expense unless the CXO proves otherwise It is like any investment: either its return is justified or it is nothing more than an unnecessary expense Clientship has advanced models to support the CX team in the real verification of the return of any initiative in this field”.

The last few years were complicated for collaborators, which is why it has also become a challenge to create successful experiences for work teams in hybrid or total teleworking environments, what is your opinion on this aspect: “It is not a resolved issue yet. The integration of digital and traditional channels requires understanding, first of all, that companies have different types of customers (what we call customer personas or archetypes) and that not all of them want to be treated in the same way or by the same channel, and This combination can be altered at different critical moments of the relationship, both in sales and service processes. Therefore, we must build matrixes of channels, contact points, and archetypes, and predefine the optimal one in each case, which backwards also supposes the adapt the way front-end teams interact with customers. It’s a hybrid service architecture that needs to be designed and put into practice.”

In your qualified opinion, what are the great challenges that companies present in CX matters at the moment: “What we observe in our interaction with companies are basically questions of cultural transformation towards a customer-centric culture. The pandemic has generated a radical change in the competitive conditions of all sectors, and this has caused many companies to focus on basic issues, such as costs, logistics or the financing of their operations, but in the new stage that we have begun, customer centrism is once again the key focus, and getting all business leaders to embrace this paradigm and steer their teams in that direction is definitely the top priority for CX departments right now.”

And finally, Carlos Espionosa told us why from Clientship they are betting on initiatives such as CX Day Mexico 2022 and what are the broad topics that they will share during the event: “Clientship is in a process of unprecedented international expansion, and the The Mexican market is one of the most dynamic and attractive from the perspective of customer experience Events like this allow companies to share best practices, celebrate the achievements of the most innovative in CX, and share success stories with clients and the community in general and innovative solutions of maximum interest for companies.And during the presentation we will talk about the main challenges that CX faces at this time at a strategic and competitive level, proposing guidelines or solutions that are widely valid in any sector so that CX leaders can continue to achieve deliver on a CX agenda that ultimately translates into a strong and sustainable long-term competitive advantage, also endowed with and innovation and permanent observation of the environment”.

Carlos Espinosa is CEO and partner of Clientship. Graduated in Law and Business Administration, MBA and Doctorate in Digital Marketing, he has been a manager in companies from various sectors, standing out in companies in the transport and energy sectors.


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