“Cybernetic Dalí” or how to navigate Dalí’s work through the metaverse

Barcelona, ​​Sep 20 (EFE).- The immersive exhibition “Cybernetic Dalí” opens its doors today at the Ideal Digital Arts Center in Barcelona, ​​which presents an unusual journey through the dreamlike universe created by the Empordà artist and offers the first experience with metaverse collectively and with freedom of movement in an artistic center.

This project, which has the backing of the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation, develops the entire Dalinian poetic and dream universe in different rooms through large-format projections, interactive installations, holograms, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

As early as the 1950s, Dalí said that he had an electronic brain; in the 70s he made a hologram together with a Physics Nobel; and in an interview he already ventured that the future of art would be cybernetic, a term that could be equivalent to digital, a word that was not used then.

He also said that “two-dimensionality had fallen short” and the Empordà artist himself sought “immortality through his work and thought how his work would pass through the centuries.”

In an introductory space, the humanist figure of Dalí is evoked, who after his surrealist period abandoned the Freudian reference to embrace scientists such as Max Planck or Werner Heisenberg, a pioneering physicist of quantum mechanics.

The “humanist Dalí” is shown, who, like the Renaissance artists, “touches all the keys of creation and beyond” such as cinema, photography, jewelry, science, visual art; and in a 1960s film shot in New York, a pioneering Dalí can be seen talking about cybernetic art: “Art will be cybernetic or it won’t be,” he asserts emphatically.

In the large three-dimensional room, a thirty-minute film is projected in which iconic works by the painter of the “Great Masturbator” follow one another, as well as the spaces that inspired Dalí superimposed on the paintings, including the port of Cadaqués or the rocky coastline from the Costa Brava, with a soundtrack composed by Rafel Plana, who deconstructs and offers a techno version of a sardana or the popular “Cant dels ocells”.

In the final part of the film, three minutes generated by artificial intelligence ‘play’ with Dalí’s work.

Next, the visitor can participate in an interactive installation that reproduces the “Cybernetic Princess” on which elements of the Dalinian world are superimposed that each person can control from small screens and that can be personalized with different colors.

Along the way, the humanist Dalí emerges in a large-scale hologram, which digitally reproduces the ‘performance’ that the artist carried out in New York with the actress Raquel Welch, combined with the wheels of the “thinking machine” that he devised in the Middle Ages Majorcan philosopher Ramon Llull.

At the end of the exhibition, the star space, the “Dalinian Metaverse” in which the public, equipped with virtual reality goggles, sails on a ship with the figure of Gala as a figurehead through the Dalinian universes.

In this unique experience, the ship sets sail from the coast of Cadaqués to enter a sea full of lobsters, giant-legged elephants, eggs, moons that open like eggs to illuminate a rising sun, ants or three-dimensional crosses.

“Cyber ​​Dalí” is an international co-production of Layers of Reality and Exhibition Hub, and is scheduled to tour internationally over the next four years, during which the exhibition can be seen in more than 30 cities, including London, Brussels, Zurich, Budapest, Munich, Turin, Rome, Cologne, Paris, Bristol, Dublin, Manchester, Antwerp, Valencia and Bilbao.

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