Dalí enters the metaverse in the Ideal

“I consider that my eye is the only proof that I can give of the radiance of my soul, of the expression of my feelings”, affirmed Salvador Dalí (1904-1989), from Empordà. He was unique, universal and visionary, always fascinated with scientific advances. His work now takes on a new dimension in ‘Dalí cybernètic’, the new immersive exhibition which from this Wednesday hosts the Ideal de Poblenou. “Closing our eyes again and looking back, what remains are the images that have the greatest number of ‘bits of information’, that is, those that persist and will always persist in memory,” declared the creator. Surely he would love to see the wonders that technology is capable of doing today with his pixelated work. About 200 of his paintings most iconic have been used in this new immersive experience that highlights its humanistic and scientific facet on a surface of 1000 square meters.

Dalí even foresaw that one day the human being would have a machine to dream to which we would connect six minutes a day to be happy. What he never imagined is that his own world, his symbols and his dreams, would soak up an amazing experience in the metaverse that the public discovers at the end of the tour of the exhibition in the Ideal room in Poblenou.

Virtual reality glasses allow you to enter an amazing journey aboard a ship that crosses the Dalinian universe, where elephants levitate on long and thin impossible legs come to life. Ants and other symbols of his rich imagination appear in this adventure, where his muse Gala is also present, transformed into a figurehead. Amazing.

For many Dalí is just a surrealist artist. This exhibition widens the focus to focus on Dalí, a lover of science and literature, a cultured man who became obsessed with holograms, with nuclear energy and the first machines that years later would give rise to computers. “The exhibition reveals Dalí, a pioneer in the cybernetic world, and also a humanist Dalí,” said Anna Pou, curator of the exhibition together with Imma Fontdevila. The viewer enters the Dalinian universe where the Dali’s obsessions What Parallel universesthe quantum physicsthe fourth dimensionthe opticsthe sacred geometry and the DNA sequencing interpreted from his works. Gala, his muse, occupies a predominant space in the projection of immersive images that allow Dalí’s works to be appreciated from another perspective, through overwhelming projections that include 3D images at certain times that require special glasses that are delivered upon arrival.

The gala foot, like never before

With the 3D glasses on, you enter a world of amazing geometric shapes preceded by the flight of some butterflies, which always fascinated the artist. Gala, his eternal companion and muse, has a great presence in the exhibition. She even she appears in 3D ‘El pie de Gala. Stereoscopic work ‘, which can be seen in a much more impressive way than Dalí ever dreamed, with the extremity of his muse almost touching the viewer, who ends up detaching himself even from his body to take on a life of its own.

In the immersive film, the artist’s works are transformed, sometimes gaining movement and offering suggestive frames. For example, there is a ‘Christ of Saint John of the Cross’ with a zenithal plane and a ‘Galatea of ​​the spheres’ that expands. The boxes are arranged by topic, not chronological order. Science and art, still and moving images, everything alternates in a show that does not let up and allows you to observe details of Dalí’s paintings like never before. Sometimes the four walls of the 1,000-square-meter room exhibit different paintings, other times the same theme dominates everything and, suddenly, one finds oneself submerged in a sea of ​​silver balls hanging in the void, representing those particles that make up the atom. , in which those crystal disco balls could have been inspired. There is also no shortage of nods to the Nobel Prize in Physics Albert Einstein and the actress Mae West. Dalí dedicated an original installation to her that has become one of the star rooms of the artist’s museum in Figueres.

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The soundtrack by Rafael Plana contributes to immersing the viewer in the Dalinian world in this production of Layers of Reality for Ideal Barcelona in collaboration with digital artists and studios such as Antiloop, Blit Studio, Tururut, Burzon Comenge. Plana’s score connects tradition and modernity. Apart from the music by Satie and a passage from ‘El cant dels ocells’, everything is his own composition. “I designed the score based on the script. I propose ideas and melodies based on the rhythmic skeleton that we have agreed on. Music and sound bring emotion,” explains the composer, who integrates electronic music and original cobla instruments that appear in a neosardana . “We recorded that passage with tenora, flugelhorn, piccolo and tible in the dome of the Fundació Gala-Dalí because it has a magnificent resonance”, he comments. Also the habanera that sounds at the beginning has that almost religious point because “a part was recorded in the crypt where Gala is buried.”

For two years, the Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí has ​​closely followed the development of this new exhibition format that penetrates the artist’s mind with overwhelming projections. The production and launch of ‘Dalí cibernètic’ has had a cost of 1.2 million euros. An international tour of 20 cities is planned for the next four years.


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