DALL-E 2, the tool to create images through artificial intelligence, already allows the use of human faces

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DALL-E 2the powerful image creation tool using artificial intelligencehas announced a major change in the way it operates.

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Now users will be able upload headshots to the platform to edit them and create new images from them. Initially, the platform did not allow the use of real people’s faces for fear that they would be used to create deepfakesthose images or videos in which a person’s voice and face are manipulated to appear authentic.

According to OpenAIthe developer of the platform, has implemented a security system that minimizes the risk of creating deepfakesas well as the generation of content of a sexual, violent or political nature.

In an email sent to its users, OpenAI explained: “Many of you have told us that you miss using DALL-E to create dream outfits and hairstyles on yourselves and edit the backgrounds of your family photos. A plastic surgeon told us that he had been using the DALL-E to help his patients visualize the results. And filmmakers have told us they want to be able to edit footage of scenes with people to help speed up their creative processes… We’ve built in new detection and response techniques to stop misuse.”

Although the platform’s policies have not changed (uploading images of anyone without their consent is still prohibited), the relaxation of the measure opens the door for users to start experimenting with images of their own faces by making DALL-E 2 becomes even more powerful.

The tool is still in a beta stage and can only be used by users who have been invited to test it. A couple of weeks ago OpenAI announced that DALL-E 2 is already used by more than a million people.


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