David Braben resigns as CEO of Frontier after 28 years

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David Brabenuntil now CEO of Frontier Developments, has resigned to his position after 28 years with the company. The company responsible for management sagas such as RollerCoaster Tycoon or Jurassic World Evolution, as well as titles such as Planet Coaster, will now have Jonny Watts, creative director of the studio, in this same position.

Braben has been part of Frontier since its creation in 1994, and in March 2015 He received an honorary BAFTA for his career in the industry during the eleventh edition of the British Academy Games Awards. We know he will remain with the company as president, where he will “retain his leadership and vision for Frontier’s strategic direction,” the statement said.

“Frontier is very important to me, and I am delighted to be handing over my CEO responsibilities to the exceptionally talented Jonny Watts, who I know will do an excellent job,” says Braben. “He has the perfect combination of creative leadership and game vision to take advantage of the excellent moment in the business. I look forward to my new role at Frontier, and this change allows me to focus on our long-term strategic opportunities.”

Watts, on the other hand, joined the company in 1998, working his way up from development to production roles, rising all the way to CCO in 2012. As they indicate, he appears to have been instrumental in the recent successes of the company, passing through a record income of 111 million pounds during the last fiscal year.

As for the chairmanship of the board, by the way, David Gammon will step down from his post in December 2022, with David Wilton replacing him. Jessica Bourne has been promoted to General Counsel and Company Secretary, and James Dixon will move to COO.

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