Debate on social security in Panama distances parties in dialogue

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The general secretary of the National Confederation of Independent Trade Unions, Marco Andrade, asserted that the workers do not feel represented in this scenario, along with the businessmen and union leaders who do not identify them.

He also recalled that a similar scenario was created by the Government in 2005, but it brought as a consequence the current irregularities, waste and mismanagement of the only existing public health service agency and on which the maintenance of retirees and pensioners also depends.

Andrade asked the Executive to deliver the reports and data offered by the Executive to the International Labor Organization (ILO) -which they deny to the unions-, on whose audit results decisions in relation to one of the key programs depend: Disability, Old Age and Death.

After three hours of arguments between the participants in the single dialogue table installed since last July 21 in the central province of Coclé, the popular movements estimate that it should be another table in which the facilitator is chosen by consensus and not subordinate their decisions to the approval of the CSS, as suggested by the Government.

They also state that the number of representatives that the alliances would have, the groups that would remain and those that would be incorporated should be specified.

Government officials, such as the Vice Minister of Labor, Roger Tejada, reiterated that the work done previously must be respected and reiterated that the groups can join the National Dialogue and present their contributions.

The debates on the sixth issue of eight agreed between the Executive and social organizations were delayed also due to complaints the day before about non-compliance with previous agreements, such as the 72 products of the basic family basket, medicines, fuel and electricity tariff.

Before beginning the deliberations, the general secretary of the CSS, Edwin Salamín, predicted that next September the ILO will deliver the actuarial report on the future of the Disability, Old Age and Death (IVM) program.

He also explained that the ILO has been meeting with various organized groups of workers because it is part of the tripartite scheme that they propose, which the popular groups deny.



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