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Digitizing classrooms is something that is becoming more and more important, and for this there are different types of accessories that are necessary to achieve it. One of the most important is digital whiteboards, and the company Deep Hub has announced a model that Spain with which it wants to make a qualitative leap in the way classes are taught in our country. is the Smart Interactive Whiteboard.

This product has a new design that allows it to adapt perfectly to the teaching systems that are taught here, and that will allow in a short time the usual chalk that has traditionally been used in classrooms will end up being something of the past. In addition, we must not forget that different studies, such as that of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​indicate that attention improves in students due to the use of digital whiteboards. Therefore, that they exist in schools and institutes is more a need what a luxury

The best features of the new DeepHub whiteboard

Being an accessory that adapts to the digital world in which today’s students are born, these devices increase performance without thereby losing anything that physical whiteboards usually offered. In addition, creativity is greatly enhanced (it is even possible to draw without problem on the screen included in the company’s new model), and the transformation needs of classrooms for use is minimal.

Deep Hub

Some of the features that the new DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboard stands out for are listed below:

  • good connectivity: includes a USB Type-C port which replaces the usual HDMI. This allows the electrical board to be adapted to new technologies and offers additional functions such as supplying power to other devices. It does not lack all kinds of wireless options and, in addition, it is possible to establish security control through the use of a fingerprint.
  • simple writing: This is achieved for two main reasons. The first is that the display’s response time is less than eight milliseconds, which combined with zero air gap when using the LCD panel, allows for instant response to what you’re doing on the DeepHub whiteboard. Thus, a great wearing experience is obtained.
  • high quality camera: This is achieved by using a 4K resolution model, so you can always deliver razor-sharp video for later review or sending to students.

And, to all that has been said, we must add that the energy consumption of the new DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboard is very low, which is why it is favored by ensuring that teaching is as sustainable possible without giving up new technologies.

An option for everyone

With the aim of offering the best possible tool for teaching (of all kinds, including collaborative teaching), the newly announced accessory becomes a perfect ally to improve how classes are given in Spain and always with a product that adapts to all kinds of needs -both private and public-. And, always, with a quality product and very effective operation.


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