Dell brake on IT sales

John Francis Aguilar

Juan Francisco Aguilar, general director of Dell Technologies, expressed the opinion that, due to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic registered in the supply chain and in the production of microprocessors, there is a slowdown in the demand for products

After high sales in computing and technology services, both at the retail and business levels in 2021, a slowdown in product demand is beginning to be registered in the remainder of the year, he said. John Francis Eagler, CEO of Dell Technologies.

“Demand is lower this year. In 2021 there were more due to equipment changes and technology purchases,” said Aguilar, after noting that important purchases of technological services and products were also made at the corporate level.

Added to the foregoing is a complicated macroeconomic scenario, since the constant increase in the interest rate and the levels of inflation, generate that technology acquisitions are lower.
With inflation at levels not recorded for 22 years, the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) has an interest rate of 8.5 percent and with a view to closing at 10 percent at the end of the year, according to financial analysts and inflation at 8.15 percent; credit continues to become more expensive for the final consumer.
According to the consultant International Data Corporation (IDC)after a record year in the placement of laptops in the local market, an annual decrease of 17 percent is expected in 2022.

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however it moves

Aguilar said that there are growth opportunities in the Mexican market, because even with a slowdown in sales, companies and consumers will continue to adopt more technological tools.
Proof of this is the offer they have in technology for companies, which ranges from cloud services, employment models that allow a hybrid work environment, best practices in cybersecurity and data analysis for decision making.
The focus for the rest of the year, in corporate matters, will continue to diversify products for companies, since these were the ones that adopted technology the fastest after the pandemic.
It is expected that 30 percent of users will keep their purchases online, while 70 percent will make their purchases at various points of sale, mainly department stores, supermarkets, specialized retailers and price clubs, according to IDC.

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