Delta tests how to board through two doors at the same time | Airlines News

A few months ago, an Indian airline tried to board planes from both sides at the same time. Nobody took it very seriously because it involves many difficulties (First plane that boards through three doors at the same time).

On the other hand, another thing is the experiment being carried out by Delta Airlines, one of the big three in the United States, consisting of boarding a plane through two airport gates at the same time, driving two parts of the cabin at the same time, the front and the rear.

Delta is conducting the tests at the Cincinnati airport, which is smaller for the company’s operation. The airport has enough gates to test.

If the test works and a reduction in boarding time can be demonstrated, while no unforeseen problems arise, the number of airports could be expanded with some ease.

Officially, a company spokesperson confirmed to View from the Wing, a specialized portal, that it was testing this new operating model and that, if there were no unforeseen setbacks, it could be extended to other terminals in its network.

The airline confirmed that the experiment also contemplates the disembarkation of the plane through two doors.

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