Democrats Criticize DeSantis for Sending Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard – NBC 7 Miami

Illegal, opportunistic and cruel consider the transfer of Venezuelan migrants to Martha’s Vineyard by Democratic leaders. Governor DeSantis responded to the criticism.

Governor DeSantis was at Miami Dade College, said the lawsuit by Venezuelan migrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard is political theater. Democrats accuse him of opportunism and leading a cruel trick for electoral purposes.

The transfer of migrants from San Antonio to Martha’s Vineyard provoked the rejection of Democratic leaders, who spoke of misleading statements, false promises of financial assistance and work.

“He thinks he has the right to go to another state and kidnap people in the middle of the night to take them to another state, that is illegal, unconstitutional, that has never been seen in this country,” said Manny Díaz.

Transporting the migrants was a cruel political trick by Ron DeSantis, they said, even more so considering the presence of children, and all for the benefit of his political career, according to Democratic leaders.

“Governor DeSantis is using this cruelty against Venezuelan migrants to distract from the fact that he wants to pass open carry laws that will put the safety of our communities at risk,” said Murcasell-Powell.


The governor of Florida, Ron Desantis, was “proud” this Thursday of having put the US immigration crisis at the forefront of public debate with the controversial shipment last week of 48 undocumented Venezuelans to the island of Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts.

According to the governor, Florida legislators approved a $12 million program for the transfer of people who entered the country illegally, but the migrants in question were in San Antonio, not in our state.

Alex Rizo, Republican State Representative for District 110, said: “What I think is that they were coming to Florida. That is something that we should keep an eye on and surely in this session we are going to ask what that money has been used for”.

Governor DeSantis defended his decision by saying that the president of the United States, Joe Biden sent people everywhere in the middle of the night and without warning. And furthermore, he added: “Why is it so important? It was no big deal. They did not want their rich island to be exposed to the masses. They felt offended because they had to deal with reality. We have a policy that is simply unjustifiable.”

For his part, state senator Jason Pizzo accused the governor of violating the law, and does not rule out filing a lawsuit so that public funds from taxpayers are not used again on other flights for the transfer of migrants.

The governor already expressed this a few hours ago. He said the two flights to Martha’s Vineyard were just the beginning and he plans to follow up with more flights to Democratic-led cities.


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