Despite the controversies, Ezra Miller would have participated in the recent additional filming of The Flash

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Since the beginning of this year, Ezra Miller has been at the center of controversy due to various accusations and legal conflicts that directly or indirectly involve him. But although it has been reported that the interpreter would be circulating around the United States armed and in fear of an alleged persecution against him and that even would have been untraceable for a court, now new information maintains that Miller recently participated in a shoot for Warner Bros.

Specifically in an article about the current panorama of DC movies since The Holwyood Reporter noted that the development of the film Flash has continued in recent months and that despite all the controversies, “Miller participated in regularly scheduled additional filming throughout the summer.”

Of course, the timeframe that The Hollwyood Reporter is referring to is the American summer from June through September. In fact, the report says that the actor would have filmed for Flash before accused of theft in Vermont on August 7.

In these minutes it is not clear what Miller filmed for the movie of Flashbut this additional shooting would be a standard part of the production and the actor’s involvement in that instance.”apparently (was) without incident”. All while the audience tests would have been positive for the production directed by Andy Muschietti (ITEM).

Currently the premiere of Flash is scheduled for June 2023, but although the CEO of Warner Bros Discovery raised that the movie will actually hit theatersFor now, it’s unclear if that release date will stick because “the studio is evaluating all options.”

After all, launching a film where the main character has been involved in as many controversies as Miller is not easy and while days ago there were considerable doubts on the mental health of the actor who has played Barry Allen since batman v supermanthis Thursday rolling stone put on the table another antecedent that could complicate the interpreter because apparently the Vermont Police would be worried that Miller is “protecting the whereabouts” of a mother and her children who were staying on his farm and are being sought under an emergency care order requiring the removal of the children from the mother’s care and their removal from the home citing fear for their safety.

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