DHL Express will raise its prices in Spain by 7.9% due to inflation and currency dynamics | companies

Curves are coming for customers of messaging services. Runaway inflation and the dynamics of the main currencies, in the case of international shipments, are going to force updates to contracts that are already emerging rises approaching double digits. One of the undisputed leaders of the sector, DHLhas announced this morning a rise of 7.9% in the prices of its subsidiary DHLExpress by 2023 in Spain.

The company does not apply the same rate update in all markets but rather adapts them to the situation in each of them. In the Spanish case, DHL Express is preparing to raise prices as far as the contracts signed with its clients allow. The aforementioned 7.9% far exceeds the path that DHL Express had been applying in this country: 3.9% for 2018, 2019 and 2020, and the rise was 4.9% for 2021 and the present 2022.

The increase in the cost of the services of this firm specialized in urgent international shipments, with activity practically all over the world, takes into account the aforementioned inflation, the estimated evolution of currencies and administrative and security costs. The general manager of DHL Express for Spain and Portugal, Miguel Borrashighlighted the company’s ability to provide stable and reliable services “despite the fact that 2022 has been, once again, a turbulent year, with a volatile market environment that challenges world trade every day”.

The director adds that the upward revision of the rates will serve to “continue improving our infrastructures and technologies to guarantee solid solutions, including state-of-the-art aircraft and vehicles, the expansion of our logistics centers and gateways, and investment in ecological solutions. and increasingly sustainable, such as less polluting fuels for aircraft or the increasing use of electric vehicles, among others”.

This rate updating exercise is repeated every year and includes the optional services and surcharges contemplated in the contracts.


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