Diablo 4 will have its first beta soon, and we tell you what to do to participate

Since its announcement, fans of the Diablo series have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to try out the legendary devil 4. Blizzard’s RPG is still in development and we don’t have a date yet for when we’ll be able to get our first look at it, but it looks like it will be sooner than we thought.

And it is that today Blizzard He has surprised by sharing information about his plans for those who want to try his next game. In its first closed beta, it will not focus on the early stages of the game, but rather will present the end game of the title. You can sign up to try it, but the company wants to be very selective with who enters.

In the new blog post, it has been announced that the end of the title will be able to be tested by a select group of Diablo fans. To select the participants, their experience and the game data of Diablo 2: Resurrected, Diablo 3 and Diablo: Immortal in order to rule if they are hardcore enough to go for the end of the new game in the saga.

The beta will allow the chosen ones to test the Hell Tide, a Nightmare difficulty event that pits you against hordes of enemies; the nightmare dungeons, a new difficulty that will add special modifiers to game levels; the Whispers of the Dead, special missions that you will find on the maps; the fields of hate, PvP areas to get special items; and the legend panelsthe character growth system at the end of the game to further power up your hero.

Signing up for the beta is very simple, but you will have to do it before October 11. To do this, open Battle.net, click on your username and select “Account Options/View Account”. Once this is done, go to the “Privacy” option and look for “Communication Preferences”. Check the “Battle.net News and Special Offers” option and save your changes.

With this, if you are a consecrated player of the saga, you will be able to receive an invitation. Blizzard has not yet revealed when this test will take place, but has said that all those selected will know. before November 18and that there will be more opportunities to participate early next year, which makes us think that it will take place later this year (although this is just a guess).

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