Die Humans shows their sweetest side in “The Path of Pain”

die humans continue to anticipate Regression, his fourth studio album that will be released in November. After the advancesreplacement” Y “personal disaster“, the Argentine duo based in Berlin presents “the path of pain“, single released through his own label Sterbt Menschen Recordsnow available on platforms.

“The Path of Pain” is, in the style of Mueran Humans, a ballad. A mysterious and bucolic ballad that seeks consolation in repetition – like a mantra, the phrase “Y wait” in the voice of Carmen Burgess connects the different parts of the song – and results in the sweetest delivery of the duo. Or rather, as sweet as Die Humans can sound.

The song is accompanied by a video filmed in Super 8 and made by the Mexican poet and musician Lucas Martin Saenz during his stay in the German capital last summer. At one point in the clip, Tomás Nochteff poses for the camera with a flag of the Thirty-Three Orientals, a symbol of Uruguayan independence that contains the inscription “Freedom or death.” Something of that philosophy is transferred to the spirit in which the Argentine duo has been raised in these years of career, always on the sidelines and in defense of DIY.

In a recent interview with The nationNochteff spoke about the title of the next album: “We had already decided to put Regression title before you start recording it. And the truth is that it fits very well: in some way it is a regression to the past of Die Humans and even to some of what I did with God.

Watch the video of “the path of pain” below and listen to the single on streaming platforms (bandcamp, Spotify, AppleMusic):

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