Diego Luna reaffirmed that Andor will be the end of his appearances as Cassian

If it was not clear from the beginning, now Diego Luna reaffirmed it: the series Andor will be his last appearance as Cassian in the productions of starwars.

Despite the fact that more stories set in the past and unexpected resurrections are always the order of the day in the space franchise, in the context of the premiere of the first cycle of Andor The actor behind the titular rebel confirmed that his incursion as the character will end with the second cycle that will leave the program with a total of 24 episodes.

During a participation in the Dagobah Dispatch podcast of ewLuna was asked about his future as Cassian and confirmed once again that the series will be his farewell to the character.

“For me, this is everything. It’s a beautiful journey now that I have 24 episodes, 24 shorter movies, to tell the story of where Cassian came from and how he came to be the man we met in Rogue One.” The actor pointed out before remarking that any desire for a new prequel would have to involve another interpreter. “Not impossible. It would have to be someone else, man. I’m not getting any younger, so it would definitely have to be someone else.”

Luna debuted as Cassian Andor in rogue onea film whose ending had obviously already marked an end point for his career in starwars.

In that sense, the actor valued that Andor give him another chance to review the rebel who sacrificed himself for the Death Star plans.

“To me, it was pretty clear that Rogue One was a movie that I had to enjoy from start to finish. That in the end, I would be promoting it and then going back to my life and doing my thing. And that was it. And it’s interesting, because then I was offered Andor, but with the same premise, because Andor has a clear ending, which is Rogue One. Once Tony Gilroy came up with the idea of ​​going back five years, there are only five years left to count. ”, Indian.

Andor is now available on Disney+.

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