Djokovic names the most handsome tennis player in the European team and Nadal reacts

The sports career Roger Federer is about to come to an end. And, as a farewell party, he has brought together the best tennis rackets in the world in London along with several of his most legendary recent opponents in his career. Two of the tennis players who meet these requirements are Djokovic Y Berrettiniwho have taken advantage of the occasion to record a video that has not left anyone indifferent.

“I’m here with my friend Novak while the team from the rest of the world trains”, began the Italian while focusing on the venue O2 Sandwhere the competition will be held. “I’m doing a little scouting with Mateo, the most handsome guy on our team,” he continued. Djokovic before the laughter of Berrettini. But the Serbian did not stop at praising his partner, but he continued commenting on the beauty of the rest of the team. “We will try to make up for the lack of handsome tennis players with some good tennis,” Novak concluded.

Nadal’s reaction

Nadalwho will travel to London soon to join a competition that has a format similar to that of the Ryder Cup in golf, has not hesitated to respond to the video of Djokovic and Berrettinand on his Twitter account. “Hey, I’m going tomorrow. I land on London in the morning. Wait for me”, wrote the Manacorí along with an emoticon of a wink and another of a strong biceps. A tweet that can be interpreted in two ways: either Nadal tries to claim his throne as the most handsome of the team or simply warns his teammates that he will soon arrive to train with them.

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