Dog Shot and Killed by Brockton Police Officer – NBC Boston

An investigation is underway in Brockton, Massachusetts, after a dog was shot dead by one of the city’s police officers.

The department said the officer was just trying to protect himself from getting hurt, but the dog’s owner disagrees and demands answers.

Angela Cordero said the officer was responding to a report of a traffic violation on her street in Brockton last week while her friend was caring for her 1-year-old puppy, Leah. When she got home, Leah had been shot in the head and killed.

“I’m speechless. The dog is 11 inches off the ground. She is a little micro-thug. She was not a threat to anyone at all,” Cordero said.

Jennifer Wentworth was the friend who was taking care of the dog at the time. She said the dog was not being mean or aggressive when he approached the officer. She said that she was running to catch the dog when the officer opened fire.

“I had no reason to shoot him. He was just coming to play,” Wentworth said.

Wentworth said that after the officer shot the dog, he told him it was protocol.

“He could have stopped her. He could have pepper sprayed her, but no. He shoots her in the head and tells my friend it’s protocol,” Cordero said.

A spokesperson for the Brockton Police Department released the following statement:

“A dog ran towards a police officer on Hermon Street shortly before 10 a.m. Thursday. The officer fired his firearm at the dog to protect himself from getting hurt. The incident is under investigation.”

Since the shooting is still under investigation, police said an incident report could not be released.

This is a common problem among dogs, but they can be trained by following a few simple steps.

The family stands by their story that the use of force was not justified as they try to get justice for their dog.

“We have absolutely no answers,” Cordero said.


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