Dovizioso: “I managed to create something important with Ducati”

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Andrea Dovizioso, three times runner-up in MotoGP with Ducati, returned to top competition after a sabbatical year. His return to Yamaha has not had any sweet moments and a few days ago he announced that he will definitively retire from competition after the Misano race. Leaving a sports career in the middle of the season is strange, but he wants to make way for Cal Crutchlow, since he doesn’t feel fast. Dovizioso comments that he no longer felt happy and that the team understood his decision. “I think I know why I’m not fast, because the mix between the characteristics of the bike and me is not perfect right now. So, after trying to change both the setup and the way of driving, I couldn’t reach the goal,” says the Italian in an interview with Motorsport Italy.

For Dovizioso, the lack of adaptation to the Yamaha is the main reason why he leaves the competition. “I didn’t expect to find these characteristics on the bike, because he had already had experience with Yamaha. You can only be competitive in Fabio’s driving style (quartaro). The new MotoGP bikes have very little grip and only the riders who are able to deal with the low grip are being the fastest. For Dovizioso, this ability is essential for the Frenchman to be dominating motorcycling in recent seasons. “That’s why only Fabio is fast now: the grip is so low that you have to use a completely different part of the bike to be fast.”

Andrea Dovizioso won a 125cc championship and finished second in 2017, 2018 and 2019. ‘Dovi’ regrets that his career cost him more than others to fight with the elite to fight for championships. “I was always there, but I wasn’t good enough to fight for the championship. But by working hard, even after 15 years, I managed to improve something in myself.” As for the positive side of his career, he comments that his stage in Ducati was the happiest of his life “because I managed to create something important with Ducati and that remains forever”. As for his retirement, he does not know if he will continue to be linked to motorcycling in other areas, nor does he care how he will be remembered in the world. paddock. It’s always been that way, so I guess the teams and constructors I was with have always believed in my results”, closes the Italian pilot.

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