Dragon Ball x Fortnite confirms 2 characters for their crossover, the kings of anime ready for a new battle

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The importance of dragon ballthe manga of Akira Toriyama and the anime signed by Minoru Okazaki, Daisuke Nishio and Toei Animation, has won an important place in the hearts of many. His influence is still felt today and Fortnite was not going to miss the possibility of merging with one of the greatest Japanese stories of the last 30 years, and now confirms 2 characters who will make the leap to battle royale: Vegeta Y Goku.

Looked like obvious, we know, but many thought that perhaps the Epic Games team would bet on a somewhat more restrained launch for future major updates. Nothing is further from reality, the prince of the planet Vegeta and the one known as “one of the worst anime parents” will be ready to give war.

This has been confirmed bandai namcowho owns the distribution rights of Dragon Ball in the video game, in its official TikTok account in Mexico. Even so, and as is obvious, the Japanese team continues to play the mistake and this new look is limited to the silhouette of Goku and Vegeta along with the confirmation of their arrival next Tuesday. October 16. Even so, it is to be hoped that the Epic Games team together with Toei Animation will offer us a superb look Y faithful to the anime/manga.

Just 4 days to enjoy one of the most desired collaborations of the Epic Games game and that has accompanied dozens of speculations throughout the last year. With the possible presence of the dragon Shenlong, early yesterday afternoonit is very likely that we are facing one of those crossovers where the American team will bet everything for the epic and the chaosor at least we hope so.

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