Dream bike: Honda CBX1000 from 1979 with 6 cylinders!

Honda CBX1000 from 1979 with 6 cylinders!

The figures of the CBX1000 were capital letters: 1047 cc, 24 valves, 6 carburettors, 105 CV and 216 km/h. Which made it the fastest series motorcycle in the world… until the arrival of the Suzuki GS1100 Katana. The six-cylinder engine was not exactly a prodigy when it came to consumption (you had to feed six cylinders) but its softness and sound they became legendary. Despite this, it was not a model that enjoyed the public’s favor, in part because of its dry weight of 272kg in running order. The cycle part, on the other hand, was no wonder either… those were other times. Now a set of modern tires and quality suspensions completely transform the CBX1000 into a great classic.

The unit you see here the auction iconicmotorbikeauctions.com. The current owner bought the bike in February 2017 and since then it has only traveled about 800 km. The odometer reads 18,891 miles (30,402km) and for sale has been given a general overhaul, although the timing chain tensioner needs a tune up. A pair of Öhlins shock absorbers are responsible for keeping the rear of the beast in order. At the time of writing these lines, the bid was for 6600 dollarss (euros) a more than attractive price for a iconic six-cylinder Honda model…


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