EA kicks Origin in the chest and launches its new app for PC

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Origin is history, long live the EA app. Electronic Arts has announced surprisingly, its launcher for computers, the one that has accompanied us for more than 10 years, has its days numbered. Recognizing its limitations, its new app will now offer “a faster, more reliable and optimized gaming experience“.

Now, EA app has passed the open Beta phase and will gradually replace Origin as a meeting point for the company’s players. A simplified design, which you can see in the images, which also allows the automatic download of games and updates in the background.

The integration with other services will be total, since we will be able to carry out links to our Steam, Xbox and PlayStation accounts. This will allow you to create a list of friends to be able to play with them at any time. Regarding the transition to the new platform, EA will send invitations to transfer all games and content, including those that were already installed.

The same applies to saved games, both local and in the cloud, as well as the list of friends. Right now, you can download the EA app for Windows PCs, while those using MacOS will have to wait; Origin is still the platform of choice.

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