Ecuador joins the world forum against plastic pollution

The incorporation of this Andean nation was made official on the opening day of the Sustainable Development Impact Meetings, which take place in the US city of New York and bring together a group of countries in the fight to curb plastic pollution, associated within the framework of the Global Plastic Action Partnership (GPAP).

According to reports, GPAP will support Ecuador, one of the most biodiverse countries in the world and home to the Galapagos Islands, in strengthening its technical capacities, access to global networks of knowledge and practice, and in its efforts to convene multi-stakeholder platforms. , in order to advance the goals at the national and international levels.

The objective is to have a circular economy strategy, in terms of plastics, in whose design and implementation public leaders, business leaders, civil society and the scientific and academic community participate, in order to reduce plastic pollution, with initiatives with strategic financing opportunities. , innovation and measurement.

Data offered by the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry indicate that worldwide, only nine percent of plastic waste is recycled, another 19 percent is incinerated, 50 ends up in landfills and 22 evades waste management systems and goes to sinks. uncontrolled, is burned in the open or ends up in land or water.

Pollution from plastic residues and waste mainly affects marine fauna, despite the fact that the largest amount comes from land sources (approximately 80 percent, due to inadequate management and indiscriminate use of this product), the agency specified.

According to national statistics, on the beaches of Ecuador the most common garbage corresponds to plastic and microplastic waste and debris, with a 60 percent representation.



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