Edurne breaks like never before on ‘Got Talent’ with a Ukrainian girl

Edurne lived last night one of the most difficult moments of her entire career in ‘Got Talent Spain‘. The singer is the veteran of the jury thanks to having participated in all the editions of the format (she has also done so with Santi Millán as presenter) and she has had to face all kinds of situations, but this eighth season has also brought the consequences of the Russian invasion in Ukraine and the Madrid native has been unable to hold back her tears with the appearance of Zlata.

the little one 8-year-old contestant is a Ukrainian refugee who has auditioned to show her talent for dance. Zlata has been dancing since she was 2 years old, but the war has changed her life completely and she has been forced to leave her country to live in Spain. Her dream is to be able to dance in theaters around the world and for her first appearance on ‘Got Talent’ she chose Nune’s variation of the Gayaneh ballet. She bravely introduced herself: “i am ukrainian”.

However, it was her teacher who was in charge of telling her story and how the little girl’s talent came into her hands: “She is a Ukrainian refugee girl. She came because of the war, obviously, and my ballet school was recommended to her. She of course she is on scholarship. You are going to see her, she is amazing, she is an artist. I’m super proud of her,” he expressed.

Later Edurne told him if he wanted to dedicate his dance to someone and Zlata did take the microphone and made a most emotional speech: “It is for all the children who are in Ukraine and for all Ukrainians”, he declared. This gave way to a performance full of sweetness in which the attendees did not blink before the talent of the young Zlata and gave her, at the end, a thunderous ovation that lasted much longer than usual. Again, the contestant dared to say a few words: “Thank you very much for the support. I am very happy to represent my country. I hope that all of you can help Ukraine in some way. Pursue your dreams, in Ukraine there is a very similar contest and I am very grateful to be in the one in Spain. I hope this ends in Ukraine, I hope it ends, ”she expressed.

Edurne gives him the golden pass

The singer has not been able to avoid being moved like never before and has needed the support of Risto Mejide to be able to shed her tears with a little consolation. “I’m so excited. First because you are a splendid dancer. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a mother now…”, she assessed as her voice trailed off. “I think of you and I think of many children who are experiencing things… Knowing you has touched me a lot, your performance. I know that this contest is not the one in your country, but I want you to leave like this”, before pressing the golden button with total conviction to give Zlata the coveted golden pass. Immediately both merged into a tender embrace full of feeling.

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