Effective communication to increase your sales

Benjamin Rivero.

Develop an empathetic profile, perform breathing exercises, look at your interlocutor, be confident and thus you will be able to gain the trust of your prospective clients.

In Logitech Dayevent presented by info channelwas attended by Benjamin Riverospeaker who spoke about the relationship between effective communication and the world of sales.

Rivero started from the communication should be verbal, physical and emotionalbut must reach an empathic degree with the interlocutor.

When launching the question, when speaking in public, what is the hardest thing for you? Those attending the event shared that controlling the nerve block or being wrong.

“When we speak in public we expose ourselves and that implies feeling vulnerable, the fact that they judge us triggers our nerves,” he explained.

According to Rivero, each person has the ability to express all kinds of emotions and transmit them, however, it is necessary to work and correct certain attitudes in order to transmit successful messages.

Effective communication, does it help me to sell?

To sell you have to communicate, this implies using different tones and nuances of your personality, however, one of the main elements is to do it assertively.

“If this effective communication had a secret, it would be to be ourselves. Think about when you show up at a meeting or go to see a client. Whatever the scenario you have two paths, get tense or be assertive,” she added.

Being assertive and being yourself could change the mood when you’re in front of a client.

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If you are in front of different people who impose on you, you can feel vulnerable and you reflect this with a rigid body, nerves, but you can even appear false and insecure.

On the other hand, if you let your personality out and do not let your nerves dominate you, you will achieve empathy with your interlocutor.

The also actor and director gave some recommendations for successful communication and highlighted the issue of breathing, this will help you improve your posture, achieve a safe tone of voice and clear your mind.

Eye contact is another point that you should keep in mind, this helps you establish a bond, and finally smile.

“Empathy opens doors for you in sales. Imagine that two people come to sell the same thing as you, but perhaps your competition has a better product, the profit margin is higher, the price is lower or the characteristics are similar, but the simple fact of generating that empathy with the customer it helps you close the sale,” he explained.

And it is that starting from Rivero’s logic when they offer you a product or service and you do not connect with the seller, you will simply need time to think, instead when you deal with a person who inspires confidence in you and is also empathetic, you can close successful deals.

“I can be in front of a salesperson who looks like an encyclopedia, handles figures and knows how to solve problems, but if I don’t like his attitude or I don’t like him, it will be difficult for him to convince me,” he deepened.

Another tip to improve the art of effective communication is to speak clearly and with good diction.

“Speaking in public is an art and the correct way to do it is to know that you are going to expose yourself to other human beings,” he concluded.


  • Name: Benjamin Rivero
  • Position: actor, director and lecturer
  • Mail: benjaminrivero2003@gmail.com
  • Telephone: 5554198547

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