eight minutes of gore, gore, gore, and plenty of sci-fi horror

I have to admit that every time I take a look at scorn It gives me two sensations. The first is grime, creepiness and a need to get away from that terrifying world. The second is that I am seeing a sci-fi horror gem in the space.

With the release of the Ebb Software work scheduled for October 21, the developer has decided to share eight minutes of gameplay. There are no spoilers in the sequence, beyond the fact that it is the introduction to the game and some of its basic mechanics. You can enjoy it with the video that heads the news.

As we see, in scorn the mystery that surrounds the “bio-labyrinth” in which we find ourselves will be proposed to us. There is absolutely no one accompanying us and we are nothing more than a scrap of meat who hardly understands what is happening.

The technology that appears in the work we do not fully understand, but we can use it to activate doors or use it in the form of tools with our hands. Puzzles especially predominate here, although we will have the occasional lighter section of action.

scorn It is scheduled to arrive on PC, through Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG. On consoles it is a Xbox Series X/S exclusive title and will land from day one on the Xbox Game Pass service. The price for the standard edition is 39.99 euros and if we prefer the deluxe, 49.99 euros.

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