El Kimiko talks about his separation from El Yordy

Cuban delivery man Osniel Andrés Cobarrubia, better known as The Kimikosaid that the separation of the duo that formed with Yordy had several reasons, among them “problems of egos” and a “mismanagement of the company”.

The singer told an interview on the show Maka’s House that he and Yordy “didn’t know how to line up” and “didn’t know how to talk things over in time.”

The interpreter of “I am here” added that they made several mistakes “due to youth” and inexperience and “for things that should not have happened”, which he prefers not to talk about.

Kimiko and Yordy They found fame when they were just 19 years old and the fact of coming from such a humble family and suddenly starting to have so much popularity and remuneration for their work was also a difficult challenge for both of them.

“[Conocimos] what fame was, what well-being was, because we come from a very humble family and things happened with the company, the management, many things that were disturbances for the friendship that we two have but I tried to save that friendship and I think that I achieved it, I always send greetings and regards,” he said.

Kimiko assured that, currently, the relationship between the two is good and that both “we are very cool in what we do.”

Kimiko and Yordy became known with “Fuego Fuego”, the first song that hit the local level, but really the one that catapulted them was the song “Cambia tú”, which later had a remix to which several exponents of the genre joined. popular as El Chulo, Wampi and Miss Dayana.

The duo Kimiko and Yordy confirmed their separation last Marchand in a statement explained that the end of the joint work had been at the request of Kimiko, who decided to continue her solo career.

At the end of that same month, Kimiko arrived in the United States after crossing several borders. Yordy still resides in Cuba.

During the interview, the exponent of the cast, who currently calls himself L Kimii, said that his nickname of Kimiko arose in his neighborhood of Los Sitios, in Centro Habana, where they told him, “you are an inventor, you should be a chemist because You’re always trying to mix things up, in the street environment, and it stuck with me.”

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