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The electric heater has become one of the most sought after devices in winter. And is not for less. According to the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (), in Lima we will have a descent until during the nights.

And it is that this option allows you to maintain the heat of a room or even a large living room. Some even admit the reduction of electrical consumption and offer greater security.

Therefore, the heatwave website shares some recommendations on heaters.

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The first thing is to choose a heater according to our needs, in case you only want to heat a room or need to cover more space. There are some that are portable and others that need to be installed in a fixed position.

The next thing is to think about security. In this case, the heater must have a protective grille that covers the heat source and an auto-off system. It must also have heat-free zones for handling, stability with necessary accessories.

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Another important detail is the power cable. This must be in good condition, since it provides the necessary source of energy. Also, it is not preferable to share the power source with an extension.

It is also recommended to follow the meter rule. That is, the heater must be at a minimum distance of one meter from other objects that may be flammable.


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