Emotional reaction of a child at a Bad Bunny concert goes viral

If you have a favorite artist and you have been lucky enough to enjoy a concert of theirs, it is very likely that you have shed a tear of emotion. And precisely this happened to a boy who went to see his idol, bad bunny and at one point in the show, he was so moved that he burst into tears.

It was the child’s mother who shared this emotional moment that has moved many Internet users, and that has gone viral after they shared it on Instagram accounts such as The fat and the skinny.

“Thank you @badbunnypr for giving my baby one of her best experiences! #1 Bad Bunny fan right here!” commented the proud mom.

In the video you can see the boy, named Eric, wearing his Bad Bunny shirt and listening to the song “Un little time”, sung by the Bad Rabbit. And while he did not take his eyes off the artist, tears fell from his eyes as he enjoyed the concert, the first of his life: double the emotion!

With this reaction, surely more than one feels identified and with it the power of music is once again demonstrated, also in the little ones.

Without a doubt, the ‘World’s Hottest Tour’ is being unforgettable…

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