Eric Dier’s ‘blow’ in the Tottenham-Arsenal rivalry with his new partner

English midfielder Eric Dier lives really happy days. Converted to central, the Tottenham footballer is a fixed in the scheme of Antonio Conte and his good work on the green has served him to return to the list of the English National Team for the UEFA Nations League matches. In addition, if his success in the sporting field were little, Dier has serious reasons to smile on a personal level having started a romantic relationship with the model Anna Modler.

According to the British tabloid The Sun, the footballer has begun to go out with the one who was once a partner of a player from the eternal rival. And it is that Anna left at the time with Alexis Sanchez, the former FC Barcelona player who left his mark on Arsenal for almost four seasons in which he played more than 160 games with scandalous numbers. In fact, his best goalscoring average was signed with the team gunner and that served him to become the star signing of Manchester United in January 2018. They gave him the ‘7’, a historic number at Old Trafford, and made him the highest paid player in the Premier League, but things later did not They came out as I would have liked.

Now Anna, 24, has a relationship with Dier and has already been seen at the stadium to see Tottenham. In fact, in north London they already consider it a kind of amulet, as it should be remembered that the team is undefeated in the Premier League so far this season and they are in third position just one point behind the leader: precisely his great rival in the city, Arsenal.

Eric and Anna are happily together. They have been seeing each other a lot, ”said a source close to the couple for the same medium. “Eric told his friends that it’s been a great few weeks. He has returned to the English National Team and has conquered an impressive girl who used to walk arm in arm with an Arsenal star. He can’t stop scoring on the pitch and has scored a great goal off it,” he added. “Anna is in love and has told her friends that Eric could be ‘the one’. they’re getting serious”.

Related to a ‘Nightmare in Paradise’ contestant

Alexis Sánchez and Anna Modler never confirmed their relationship, but the publications of the model in the middle of the pandemic accompanied by the Chilean’s dogs were enough to determine that love had arisen between them. However, just a few months later the speculation was unleashed and, after talking about that they had broken up, Modler was related to a man who currently competes in ‘Nightmare in Paradise’: Marco Ferri. On this occasion, both did publish photos together and Alexis’s followers charged her. She even speculated on the background of some words used by the player from Hawaii remembering Maluma: “You can see that he treats you well, that he is a true gentleman. But that won’t change that I got there first”.

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