Espósito and Arizabaleta qualify for the ACCIONA Open de España

Golfers Hugo Esposito and Álvaro Arizabaleta will play between October 6 and 9 the ACCIONA Open de España Masculine 2022 which will be held at the Club de Campo Villa de Madrid, after obtaining the tickets for Spanish professionals that were at stake in the previous one played last weekend at the National Golf Center.

Both Espósito and Arizabaleta have closed two high-level rounds, with 65 hits (-7) and 66 (-6) respectively, which will help them to play what will be their first DP World Tour tournament, the European circuit. The first pass was achieved by Hugo Espósito, who was the best of the day, with a very high performance. Except on the 7th hole, he had a birdie on all of 3-10, making only one bogey all day on 15.

“I am a normal player, I have not done extraordinary things neither in my amateur career nor now that I am a professional. Those of us who are not ‘top’ have to fight hard to have opportunities like this, and it has come to me now”, Espósito commented in statements to the Royal Spanish Golf Federation (RFEG).

After his classification, he began a tiebreaker playoff to decide the other golfer who would play the ACCIONA Open de España, which ended up going to Álvaro Arizabaleta, after beating Víctor Jiménez, Sergio Parriego, Álvaro Hernández, José Luis Adarraga and David Salguero. The Spaniard born in Colombia obtained six ‘birdies’ between holes 6 and 13, a streak that ended up being the basis for his victory. “I told myself that I had to go for the ‘birdie’, and I did it. I am very happy, I had not competed for four months and I was really looking forward to it”, said Arizabaleta.

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