Eva Santolaria, ‘Valle’ in ‘Compañeros’, talks about the possible return of the series: “There are attempts”

‘Companions’which narrated the adventures of the students and teachers of the Azcona school, became one of the most popular Spanish series of the 90s. However, the illustrious production of Antena 3 ended in 2002 after the broadcast of 121 chapterswhich recorded an average of 22.5% screen sharesome capital data.

Since the goodbye of ‘Compañeros’, There has always been speculation about the hypothetical return of the series, but finally it has not been fulfilled. Nevertheless, Eva Santolariawhich shaped ‘Valle Bermejo’ in fiction, does not rule out a possible television reunion with the cast of actors, just as it happened with ‘Physics or Chemistry’. “There are attempts, but there has not been a formal proposal to make a formal reunion of Companions as such. Although there are many ways”, revealed the actress to the Cadena Ser team in Catalonia.

In fact, a few years ago Antonio Hortelano, Eva Santolaria, Julian González, Virginia Rodríguez and Lara de Miguelbelonging to the cast of the series, met in a bar in Madrid after a long time apart due to the opposite path that some interpreters took, according to their social networks.

Your ‘no’ to ‘Physics or Chemistry’

The role of ‘Valle’ gave the actress a series of recognitions such as a Gold TP and several nominations in other ceremonies. Also, noteworthy his signing for ‘7 lives’ to shape ‘Vero’, while years later he turned down a ‘Physics or Chemistry’ offer. “I had the Physics or Chemistry scripts, one and two, to play the teacher. And I said no.” Finally, white rosemary (Irene Calvo) was chosen for this role in the series.

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