Evil by Design on StarzPlay: True Story Documentary Premiere

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‘Money and power, that’s what history is about’, is heard in the first preview of Evil By Design: Exposing Peter Nygård. The truth is that hearing the name of the Finn, makes us return to the time when the Scandinavian tycoon reigned fashion world in the United States – and the world, of course. What industry iconwhich frames him as a world milestone after being his migration to Canada and starting his company from scratch, the banner where he stood Nygård it began to be overshadowed by the discovery of harassment practices, which marked and stained – rightfully so – his legacy forever.

Within fashion documentaries What we have seen in recent years, it is clear that this falls into a separate category, something more like a true crime that exposes the network of harassment that the couturier and tycoon designed from the eighties to the mid-two thousand. Thus marking one of the darkest episodes in the fashion design and in an industry – like any other – that cannot continue to let these abuses of power go by.

Through a collective complaint, it was that the activities of harassment, sexual abuse and sexual trafficking network of Peter Nygård came to light, after years of struggle of those affected. Courtesy.

What is Evil by Design about?

Evil by Design it’s a documentary film based on the CBC podcast of the same name, which tells the story of survivors of attacks and sexual harassment that for years perpetual fashion mogul Peter Nygård. Through interviews and testimonies, the documentary builds how it was that Nygård came to have so much power within the industry and subdued several people within his reign of terror, putting the mark and the eye on the fashion world where, unfortunately, it is not the first case.

In these conversations with survivors, former employees, family members, the police and investigative journalists, Evil by Design It makes us see that Nygård’s world of glamor was just a facade that attracted millions of women to a world where acts of abuse hardly came to light. But now, they have.

Where can you see Evil by Design?

In Latin America, the documentary series can be seen on the platform StarzPlay.

When do Evil by Design episodes premiere?

The premieres of this docuseries of three episodes will be every Friday from its premiere on August 12. So we’ll have chapters 2 and 3 on August 19 and 26respectively.

Who is Peter Nygard?

After years at the top of the fashion world, Peter Nygård saw his company fall after the discovery of the sex trafficking operation that he had been carrying out since the 80s in Cay Nygård, his compound in the Bahamas. Rick Eglinton


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